Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who I am as a researcher

In my second year as a PhD student of rhetoric and writing, I have developed an interest in place - physical, psychological, virtual, and beyond. Ever since I opened my first commonplace book from a crafty Victorian, I have been fascinated by where and how we create knowledge.

With this in mind, I am very interested in virtual spaces and visual rhetoric. I think that learning environments that go beyond the traditional classroom or the traditional hard-copy composition may be very powerful for writing students.

For my reserach class, I am interested in investigating ways visually enhanced artifacts and writing spaces might impact student writers. I am thinking of focusing on how well students use visuals in their work, how much most composition teachers emphasize visuals, and if the addition of visual elements enhances writing.


Blogger Sergey Rybas said...

Glad to be part of your blog, Jen.

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Blogger KentuckyJen said...

I'm glad you are here too, Sergey.

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Blogger Mr. Happy said...

There's too much love around here.

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